Change in Catch Phrase.

Pretty much anyone that knows me, um, at all, knows of my serious diet coke addiction.For the past several years, my relationship with diet coke had been very much a Brokeback Mountain “I wish I knew how to quit you” type love affair (minus the whole infidelity and secrecy bit).

But in some BIG news in the Big Bad B household, that has changed to a Barenaked Ladies “It’s been one week since I looked at you” kinda thing!  Today is actually day NINE if you are the counting type.

Yes folks, it is true.  Call it the Cokepocalypse, the end of days.  Whatever.  THIS IS HAPPENING.

Truth of the matter is, I had thought about giving up my beloved for some time.  I was also harassed relentlessly about it (*ahemASHLEY*), but it was never enough to actually take that next step and DO IT.  I had cut back many times, only to yo-yo back to drinking more of the Nectar of the Gods than ever before.

I have read many articles (usually posted to my Facebook wall by a caring “friend”!) about the dangers of diet coke, but I was a serious crack whore jonesin hard for my next fix.  Imagining my life without it was harder than imagining my life without my children (what?  They are brats sometimes.  Imagining a few moments of peace doesn’t make me a bad mom.  If it does, so be it.  Being perfect just means you haven’t screwed up yet anyway).

So, how did I finally do it?  What was my catalyst?


Yup.  I skipped the flu shot and got the bug.  Kinda thought I might die, and thought it would be a welcome relief.  As I started feeling semi-human again, the thought of diet coke was rather repulsive (which made me think I really had died and was now a zombie or something).  It dawned on my after about 4 days that this was my chance!  I had a head start.  I felt like crap for the most part anyway, so I could blame the flu for the lethargy, headaches and grumpiness.

Today is day nine.  Other than the evening of day seven, it really hasn’t been bad.  That night, I ate like a sumo wrestler and popped multiple Excedrin and took a couple of sips of a regular ‘ol Pepsi.  I really thought I was triggering a massive migraine, but the five kids in the house may have made matters considerably worse.  Anyway, it passed and I did NOT crack open the ice-cold can waiting for me in my fridge (which I really need to deal with).  I think that was my hump.  And I kicked its ass!  Or the Excedrin did.  Whatever.

I am finding that the hard part is the habit.  The cup, the availability, the runs to get it.  I feel lost!  Also, I am not going to lie… I am taking baby steps.  I am allowing myself a diet Sprite every few days.  I am drinking tea with small bits of Splenda, from which I will wean myself.  Getting off the artificial sweeteners is my ultimate goal (that would fit into that New Year’s resolution post I never made about eating more whole foods, preferably those that come from my own little piece of the world…).

I will prevail!

RIP my beloved.

Um, of course I have a picture of my beloved.

Um, of course I have a picture of my beloved.