Blurb about the ‘burb

Yup.  I bought a 1968 GMC Suburban.  For me to drive.  On purpose.

So far, it seems to generally generate one of a few reactions:

“Ha!  That is freakin’ awesome!”  (my thoughts exactly!)

A half smirk with shaking of the head and a bit of a laugh

“Whhhhhhy on earth would you do that??”

I decided to take a few minutes and address the third reaction.

First off, you should know that long before meeting/dating/marrying/reproducing with my wrench turning muscle car loving husband *I* liked old cars all on my own.  I used to pick up all the old car sales magazines at the truck stop to browse through during dead times when I worked at Ozarkland before I turned 16.  But at the time I didn’t know a carburetor from a clutch, so it is probably for the best I didn’t start off with a “project”.

Then I spent a good portion of my junior and senior year driving what friends affectionately dubbed “the Shaggin’ Wagon” (note: to the best of my knowledge no actual shaggin’ occurred in said wagon).  It was a 1963 Ford Falcon station wagon.  Lots of character and a personality of its own to be sure.  Duct taping up the falling headliner just meant I could decorate it as I saw fit.  The non-functional radio wasn’t an issue, as the CD player had been stolen out of my previous ride, so I was accustomed to hauling around a boom box.  The  dash lights not working didn’t bother me either… I just kept a lighter on the dash for when I felt the need to check my speed.  It isn’t like the thing would actually go OVER the speed limit anyway!  There was one little thing that bothered me about the car though… it hated gas.  No matter how slowly you tried to pump it in, it would spit a portion back at you.  Eau de gasoline was my signature fragrance for a while.  That in itself would have been workable… if the gas gauge worked.  It did not.  I ran out of gas.  A lot.  And while I hesitate to share this next part because I am having some issues coming to term with the fact that I am getting “older”… hardly anyone had cell phones at the time.  So that was a little annoying.  All in all though, I loved that car!

It was somewhere in the midst of all that fun that I started dating Keith.  He wasted no time in dragging me off to car shows and such.  While it wasn’t exactly my idea of a great time, I didn’t mind and he taught me a lot.  Now, a erm, few years later, our kids LOVE going to car shows more than most kids love going to the movies.

So what does all of that have to do with why on earth I am excited about driving a ’68 Suburban?  Background people.  Establishing history.  Patterns of behavior.  I seem to have a history of doing things (things that I have researched greatly and become completely confident in my decisions about) that make most people scratch their heads.  Remember that time I had a baby in my bedroom?  On purpose.  Yeah.

Anyway, a little over a year ago Keith and I began discussing the fact that I was about due for a new vehicle.  I was content with another minivan.  Keith wanted an SUV.  We had a stalemate the likes of our current government.  However, we realized that negotiation and compromise are needed in a stalemate (US government, you hear that??)  So, I wanted a van because of the space and the price.  Keith wanted an SUV because they are easier to work on.  He loathed working on minivans.  LOATHES.  So, we needed something cheap, with lots of space and easy to work on.


1968 Suburban.

Well, I would have been ok with anywhere from a 1967-72 really.  After spending a year looking into many, bidding on several and losing lots of them, I finally FINALLY got my suburban!


So.Freaking.Cool.  (those trucks behind it??  Make me an offer!!)


Check out this custom interior!!
067 068

It has all sorts of custom features!


Seriously, check out these valve stems!


Now, as anxious as I am to ditch the van (poor thing, it has had a hard life.  It is getting tired), it is going to be a while.  For one thing, I am not first in line in the shed.  Keith has another project to finish before he even starts on mine.  Then, while she is in much better condition than many we looked at, there is still much work to be done.  By the way- I need a 3/4 middle and a third row seat!!  Also looking to replace the 400 small block with a 327.  And while I have learned the difference between the carb and the clutch, I really don’t know what I just said- I actually know what it means in that I could define it, but don’t really understand it.  Anyway, that is Keith’s department.  I just want it to look good and not be obnoxiously loud.

Since my handsome mechanic has said it will be at least a YEAR before it is done, I thought I would give you guys an idea of what the finished product will look like…


Ha.  I kid.  I like the stock look.  They were perfect just the way they were made!  Keith has a few other ideas, so we will yet again have to negotiate and compromise (Congress, hear that?).  But in the end it will *hopefully* be something along these lines:

Keith wants red, Eli likes the “smurf suburbans”, Henry wants a “school bus one” and I prefer the green (Isabelle just wants me to be “normal”.  Ha.  Fat chance Darlin‘)… but way may just roll with the orange.  You will have to stay tuned to find out!

211730_11616577_1970_Chevrolet_Suburban - 1972_Chevrolet_Suburban_For_Sale_Front_resize Suburban_71_C20_1

**All images (except my baby) courtesy of Google.  Please don’t sue me for copyright infringement.  I am totally jealous of your rides!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy Lee
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 11:33:38

    I know I don’t get a vote, but I “vote” stay orange. Love it!


  2. Celeste
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 16:00:27

    LOL! So you! Love it. I like the green! Second choice, red. 🙂


  3. Cordless57
    Oct 13, 2013 @ 17:47:07

    I vote Orange. Leave it stock. I have a white/orange/white ’70 C10 CST that will remain orange till the orange rusts off. Love that combination.


  4. jbhstop
    Oct 13, 2013 @ 21:30:28

    That suburban wants to be orange. Sent from my iPad


  5. Terry Gilmore
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 06:35:50

    Sara, you really should consider writing a book! Your blogs are so cute and the Suburban is awesome. I feel the same way about old trucks. I have a 56 Ford pickup and a 48 Dodge that is used more as a yard ornament but will run with a little help from Rog. Can’t wait to see her on the street. Congratulations!!


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