My intentions…

While usually quite grand, they rarely pan out as pictured in my head.  You know, like the day dreams about winning the lottery… or having a clean house or kids that listen.  Or being able to fix a meal- ANY meal- that everyone in my family would eat AND like.  I am pretty sure the odds are best with the lottery.

Anyway, I had planned to beat all the sweet, sentimental boo-hooing mamas to the punch and do a “back-to-school” post last weekend.  Then life happened.

Keith and I took Isabelle on a movie date Friday evening (the kids take turns getting a date night with Mommy and Daddy), besides that we had no power due to an accident that took out an electric pole down the road.  Since the kids and I didn’t need to go to town for the usual Saturday errands and grocery shopping, I figured I would have time to tackle it then.  First I had to tackle the house though.  I was on a roll!  I got the laundry going, kitchen cleaned and dishwasher running… took a break to chase Henry for a few minutes and I heard water running.  Makes sense since I was doing dishes and laundry, right?  Not exactly…

This was coming from the basement.  I opened the door to what sounded like a busted water hydrant- which I HAVE heard, when a truck crashed into one in our front yard once.  THAT was some craziness.  I was, erm, making a very natural and organic dinner for my baby.  It had me strapped down in a very literal sense.  Not easy to try and discreetly peek out the window in that state.  Also not easy to not spill dinner everywhere in the shock of seeing a truck halfway on top of a water hydrant spewing water 30 feet in the air.  In the time it took me to, ahem, get everything put away, it filled our entire yard, went around the front and back of the house and flooded the driveway… and into the basement.  Our house was like its own little island.  (I am trying to decide if I should go to the trouble of explaining what exactly I was doing, or if anyone that is still in the dark is just better off remaining there)

Anyway- while this SOUNDED like that, I quickly realized it was just our water main.  I ran over to shut it off, getting completely drenched in the process.  Only I didn’t get it shut off.  The fitting just BELOW the shutoff was busted.  Lovely.

I ran up the stairs and threw on a dry shirt over my pjs, grabbed my phone, ORDERED the kids to stay inside- and OUT of the basement, and sprinted to the front yard while calling Keith.  I was on hold for flipping ever.  Got out to the water meter and threw the lid off but couldn’t budge the shut-off, which I am pretty sure had not been touched since its installation in 1803.  It was kinda stiff.  Knowing that every second that passed water was filling my basement had me in a bit of a panic… and that there was a really good chance the kids were playing in it only exacerbated the problem.  I ran across the road for help.  No one home.  Not in the barns either.  Saw a truck driver going to the next lot over so I ran down there and practically pulled the poor unsuspecting man out of his truck.  All the while I was watching for my soaking wet kids to come looking for me.   The man followed with out questioning- who would question a crazed sopping wet and very clearly out of shape lady running down the road in flip flops?  (we won’t even go into my hair and (lack of) makeup!)  After what seemed like hours, I was back at the meter desperately shoving the pliers into the strangers hand.  It was a bit of a struggle for him (which, other than the fact that it meant another 1000 gallons of water in my basement made me feel a bit better.  I am not a wimp.  Right??)  After thanking him profusely, I went to see if the kids had taught themselves to swim in our new indoor pool.

I have to say, I am very proud.  They not only stayed in the house, they also stayed out of the basement!  And no one was crying or bleeding.  Miraculous!  I pretty much collapsed after that.  A quarter mile in wet flip flops is like 10 miles in tennis shoes.  Or maybe it could just be that I haven’t ran that much since… pre-Henry.  Whatever.  The basement wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, particularly if we had gone to town as we normally do.  However, while waiting for Keith to finish the repairs I decided to work on questions for church trivia night and managed to infect my computer with a virus.  Really.

Sunday was more draining the indoor pool, plus school supply and grocery shopping with Eli.  At one point he told me he wished I would have left him at home and got his supplies without him.  I told him I wished the same thing.  Monday- pre-school orientation.  Now, it is 11pm on Tuesday and I have a really long blog entry and haven’t even touched on the back to school crap.

The gist of it?  I am not sad they are going to school.

Isabelle is growing up (she seems to think she skipped like 10 years somehow.  I have to remind her she is 5, not 15).  Really though, I am good with it.  She wasn’t a particularly fun baby.  Also, because she is my child, I can say this… she wasn’t a very cute baby either.  I can also say that now because biased mommy tends to think she has outgrown the… unfortunate… looks she had as a baby.  She seems to have become (mostly) more pleasant as well.  She wasn’t all that fussy or anything, she just started the whole irritated attitude at like 3 months.  I am pretty sure she would have been rolling her eyes at 6mos if she had the muscle control.  She mostly wanted you to leave her alone and stay out of her space.  Now she loves to interact- to play games, read books, paint her nails or talk.  Lord, can that child TALK!  It has been so fun to watch the transformation as she grows into her personality.  She is going to thrive in the school environment, and she is going to love it!  (other than the whole people telling her what to do, or that she is wrong about something (anything).  She will take issue with that).  Anyway, I think that she is really going to enjoy her time at school and I can’t wait to see what sparks passion in her spirit!

Eli is going to preschool.  *sigh*  How shall I put this?  Um, good luck to his teachers.  They will need it!  I pray that they quickly see through his charms and whip that kid into shape.  Oh wait, that is my job huh?  He needs the structure and the guided learning.  I just hope is more cooperative for them… when I ask him to say his ABC’s I get “yeah, I did that once” or “we have a thing on the fridge that does it.  Push the button and it plays”.  Yeah.  Eli has such excitement, such passion for, well about everything.  He is never ambivalent.  I hope that he keeps his passion, and that it extends to learning and school.  But more than anything, I hope they can teach him the meaning of and how to use an inside voice.

Then there is Henry.  He doesn’t go to school.  He gets to stay with Grandma another year.  I am good with that.  He is my baby, so yeah, things may be a little different when it comes time to send him out into the cold, cruel world.  Honestly though?  He is a little badass.  The world probably needs to be on the lookout for HIM!  He may be the baby, but that child is ridiculously independent.  But yeah, I will probably cry when he goes to school.

I am pretty sure this has just turned into rambling at this point.  I know I asked if you wanted the gist of the whole back-to-school thing like 1000 words ago, but here is the real deal… I am SO excited for the back to school bedtimes!  When the kids are so worn out they go to bed on time- or even EARLY! *squeal!*- and are too exhausted to fight with me, or each other, or their pillows, or toys (yes, it happens).  I have heard rumors of kids falling asleep at the dinner table, or even before dinner!  Could it be true??  I can’t wait for bedtime to be a less than 2 hour ordeal.**  I cannot wait to say “goodnight my precious babies” and not see those sweet little faces until THE NEXT MORNING.    THAT, my friends, will be AWESOME.***

***Please note, because Isabelle lamented for months over the unfairness of her being the ONLY person in our WHOLE family that had to sleep by herself every night, followed by months of me tripping over her sleeping on the floor of her brothers’ room, my kids ALL THREE share a one bedroom.  Typically, on any given night, one will go to bed well (meaning they only follow their siblings out of the room three or four times) and another WANTS to go to bed well.  The third, however, summons all the power and energy in their little being to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Bedtime here akin to how I would picture musical chairs.  In hell.  Then, after my blood pressure returns to normal and they have all finally passed out, I go in and see those seemingly angelic faces and forget all about the previous hours of torment and I am overwhelmed with the enormity of my blessings.  Until the next night 🙂

*** I am reserving the right to cry when dropping the kids off on Thursday.  Whether they are tears of sadness or joy, I will never tell!


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  1. hattonlife
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 05:47:51

    If more mothers and fathers were truthful, they would say the same thing. I can’t tell you how many kids and parents have said they will be glad when school starts that come through our office! Brock and Adrianna are both mad they can’t go to “school”. I still miss going to school, way better than going to work every day right?


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