I am Sara Jeffrey Borcherding and I approved this message.*

I am running for office, but I am human.  I have skeletons in my closet, I have made mistakes.  I am far from perfect.  I don’t always know the right answer or make the best decision.  I talk too much and sometimes don’t listen enough.  But I have learned many lessons from my life experiences and have used them to move me onward and upward.  I am not afraid to work hard to find the best answer, the best solution.  Still, I am a work in progress so I will never promise perfection.

I am passionate and outspoken, sometimes to a fault.  Those traits can isolate and make others feel judged even when nothing could be further from the intention.  I am still learning, through grace, to harness my personal passions in ways that can benefit people without making others feel demeaned.  Yet, I know I will never be able to please everyone.  But I hope that my actions, the decisions I make, will be the ones that benefit the most and hurt the least.

I believe very strongly in hard work and personal responsibility.  I believe in hand-ups and not hand-outs.  I believe in personal accountability.  As an individual, and as a citizen of this nation, I am responsible and accountable for myself, for my actions, for the words that come out of my mouth and that are typed by my fingers.  I am also the one accountable for making certain that those words are lived out in my actions each and every day.  My word is my bond, and I do everything in my power to keep my commitments and honor my obligations.  This includes everything from my personal bills to working hard for my clients to my civic duties in my community and beyond that to giving of myself, my time and money, to support causes that are important to me.

I don’t eat beef, but we raise cattle.  I am not really a sports fan.  I am a mom.  I work outside the home, but my most important work is inside my home.  I laugh at stupid jokes.  Sometimes they are not politically correct.  I can shoot a gun, but I don’t own one.  I am addicted to diet Coke.  I do discriminate against Pepsi.  I have tried to overcome those prejudices, but I simply cannot.  I am just me.  I am good with that, and hope you are too.

I am not a the answer to all of our problems, but I am not a villain.  I am a person that still believes in the power of democracy.  I am a person that believes in a government that is BY the people and FOR the people, not a political party, special interest group or hidden agenda.  That is why I am running for office.  I would appreciate your support.

I will wear this for all campaign appearances. With full-body Spanx.

* I am NOT running for any office, nor do I have any aspirations to ever do so.  I would just love to see politicians be REAL.  Forget strategizing every syllable.  Forget the parties, the special interests and the agendas and remember the people you are there to serve.  Restore our faith in this great democracy.

Until that happens, I would just as soon see Taco Bell’s latest reincarnation of the taco or hear about what 80’s movie is being remade in the commercials.  Times like these, I can really see the benefit of TIVO.


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