Please keep our family in your prayers…

I think we may need them this next week.

While this may seem a bit trivial to some (hey, God wants it all, big and small!), I know there are others that will completely understand the ginormity of this undertaking.

We are going camping.  All five of us.  In a tent.  For three nights.

Now, most of you reading this are probably thinking that it is delicate little ol me that is going to have the hardest time with this… and don’t get me wrong, it will be tough.  I am not sure that I have ever actually slept in a tent, truth be told.  But McDonalds and my beloved Diet Coke are only like 20min away tops.  As long as I have access to that, I can survive anything.  Kids have made me tough.  I had the last one in my bedroom, remember?

Keith is a trooper.  I have told him he should go on Survivor.  He is unfazed by the elements, is a working machine and doesn’t really require food.  He could sleep on a bed of glass and not notice the tornado (or our children) swirling around him.  Henry could care less.  About anything.  Eli is stoked.  He has been asking daily if it was time to go camping since we first started talking about it a few months ago.  They will all be a-ok.

That leaves Isabelle.  Darling Isabelle.  If ever an oxymoron existed, it is that child.  She will inisist on wearing a pretty dress for the day, then throw on her boots so she can go feed the cows.  Paint her nails to go ride the four-wheeler.  Do her hair, then go shovel cow poop.  Lay the smack down on her brothers for messing with her Barbies, then go steal their tractors to play…. at least she is diverse in her interests.

So, back to the day we first started discussing camping.  We were having lunch at Isabelle’s favorite place, Sundays (known to most people as TGIFridays) after church.  I don’t remember how it came up exactly, but Eli was all in immediately.  He wanted to run home right away- before our food even arrived- and pick up the tent (that has been sitting in our basement, unopened, for at least 2 years).  Isabelle, however, had some reservations.

Once she got the gist of how the trip would go down, a scowl overtook her sweet little face.  She literally STOMPED her foot and declared,”I am NOT sleeping outside.”  We laughed a little at her indignation and kept discussing things.  When she realized that we were paying her no attention she interrupted “I mean it guys.  I am NOT sleeping outside.  I will stay with Grandma or something.  I am NOT going camping.”

Those of you that have known me long term will see as much humor in this as Keith and I did.  There really is no denying she is my child, even (especially) when her behavior makes me want to do so!  Our laughter did not amuse her, but luckily she decided to give us the silent treatment for a while.

Now we are just days away from loading up what will probably be most of our house for a 3 night trip.  Eli is as excited as ever.  Henry is as indifferent as ever.  I think he gets that from his dad, because Keith is also rather indifferent.  I am filled with apprehension, dread and a good dose of fear.  Then there is Isabelle…

She is now stoked about the trip.  Like super-duper-counting-down-the-days-can-I-pack-yet-mom-driving-me-bonkers-excited.  Can’t wait for the teenage mood-swings on that one.

Sunday we embark on four fun (??) filled days of camp fires, bugs, swimming, fishing, July heat, and a 9-mile float.  Ironically, my first float trip without rum will probably be the one it would be most appreciated.  All of the domestic crap I have added to my repertoire combined with CAMPING, I am pretty sure I have completely lost my mind.  And I couldn’t be happier!

Memories, it’s all about the memories.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tami
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 14:02:20

    It’s all about making memories. 😀


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