Ticks, Vick’s and Panic Attacks

Ticks are awful here this year.  I guess the fact that we never had much of a winter kept them, and the bazillion other bugs, from dying off much this winter.

Isabelle had 2 ticks in the last few days, just from the yard. I actually found her first tick of the year after fishing- in MID MARCH!  She is so so prone to bug bites, always covered in them. And they swell up and itch her something terrible. Just like her momma.  I have always been able to sit in a crowd of people and, while no one else gets a single bite *I* am blessed enough to get no less than 10 quarter size welts scattered across my body.

I cannot begin to describe the massive meltdown she had when we tried to get yet another tick last night.  Words really do not do it justice.


She insisted it was all my fault. I tickled her in the grass. Five minutes before we found the tick that had been there for at least a day.

I really thought we may need a straight jacket for the kid!  It was on the back of her head, maybe an inch into the hairline. I think it had been there a day or so. I didn’t think of it as a big deal, as we have already removed several this spring.  After Keith spotted it he told her we had to get it off.  She immediately burst into tears.  Sobs.  I got her sprawled across my lap and barely moved her hair and she bolted up.  Isabelle flipped out saying we had to put Vick’s on it so the tick would stop breathing.  This is a Nana thing.  Vick’s is to her what coconut oil and breast milk are to me.  And Prid to Keith (THAT, by the way, is some nasty stuff).  It is her magical heal all ointment.  Isabelle bought into it hook line and sinker too.  Initially we both told her no, that we were just going to get the tick out and be done with it.  Apparently it also helps with the itch AFTER a tick, so we had already told her that was fine.

Anyhow, we conceded on the Vick’s in effort to prevent her hyperventilating. I slowly and gently got her head in my lap, then, as I found the spot she FLEW up and started screaming again. We were really very calm, but she was NOT! Got her breathing again, got her on my lap again. This time as she started to jump up I tried to hold her down. Then Keith came to help hold her down as well. She was FLIPPING.OUT.  You would think that two adults, especially one with arms that practically span the equator, could hold down a thrashing little 40 pound girl with, as her Daddy tells her much to her dismay, chicken arms.  She was screaming “Why are you doing this to me?!? You can’t hurt me like this! You cant!”.  That was promptly followed by “I can’t breathe!  I can’t breathe!  How can you do this to me??  How can you hurt me like this??!?!”  Yeah, she has a flair for the dramatic.

After we realized that even the two of us couldn’t hold her still enough to get it we stopped.  Besides, I was afraid the neighbors might call Child Protective Services.  I almost got her a paper bag she was so worked up. I had to sit her in front of me and take her hands and make her look into my eyes and breath with me. Keith and I explained to her that it HAD to come out, and that if she didn’t let us get it we would have to take her to the hospital for it. She didn’t like that either.  Actually, it didn’t matter what we said. About every 15 seconds she started sobbing/gasping again. Keith gave up at that point and refused to help anymore.

I tried very calmly another 3 or 4 times.  Keith and the boys moved on to a drag racing game on my phone, their glances over the game alternating between disbelief and amusement.  About the time I would get all the hair out of the way she would jump up. Finally I asked her to hold a cup of water for me while she was laying in my lap.  While I was working through her hair, I kept talking about the cup of water.  I told her to hold it level, to make sure it didn’t spill.  Then I grabbed the tick quickly. She didn’t cry- she even smiled!  We hugged and all that jazz.  All was good with the world.

Until all of 15 seconds later.  She was hysterical again. Then she was sobbing because I pulled a few of her hairs out with the tick.  After she had time to reflect on that, it was excruciatingly painful.  At that point Keith and I turned our attention to readying the boys for bed and left her to her emotions.

Keith was helping Eli with his jammies and E looked over at his mess of a sister and sighed.

Kind of rolling his eyes he says, “Man. She is kinda crazy, huh?”

Quite insightful, that little guy!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Heather
    May 22, 2012 @ 13:00:01

    Dear Lord, for a moment I thought you were here when I pulled a tick off of Katie’s back and then for the next few weeks while we treated the spot because she WILL NOT leave it alone. It is just within reach for her to pick at it. I would have to lay across her, hold her down, and she would scream like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Praise God we don’t HAVE neighbors nearby. Yikes!!


  2. Nancy lee
    May 22, 2012 @ 14:25:53

    Easy way to remove ticks. Put dish soap on a cotton ball cover tick and it will come loose. With head attached. Every time.


  3. avisionaryventure
    May 27, 2012 @ 22:31:10

    Oh hahahaha!!! This one made me laugh out loud!!!


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