Famous Amos

So I have this darling younger cousin, Amy.  She is the baby of the family at 26 (27 next month, I hope.  She is going to be mad if I got it wrong!)  I have to say, I absolutely adore this girl.  Woman.  I guess she is all grown up now.

I know you can’t see her face in this picture, but it is so HER ❤

You know how the younger generations these days get a bad rep for being lazy, entitled and generally spoiled brats?  Amy is the antithesis of all of that.  She is on my short list of the hardest working people I know, hands down.  This girl has had her share of struggles in her life, but she has never let anything slow her down.  She worked her butt off at multiple jobs at a time thru her undergrad and graduate programs.  Waiting tables, an apprenticeship, landscaping companies.  You may not know this, but I am a wee bit of a wuss when it comes to physical work.  I prefer to just use my wits and call it hard work 🙂  Amy though, this girl is not at all scared of hard, dirty, physical labor.

Case in point: several years back, Keith somehow acquired this load of square bales (hay, for you city folk).  Somehow, he conned Amy and I into being his hay crew.  Makes me laugh to this day.  I have a basic philosophy that if it is outside (especially if its hot, or dirty) I am allergic.  To whatever it is. (in reality, there is about a 75% chance this is true about whatever it is).  Keith knew getting me to heft a single bale onto the trailer would probably be an accomplishment for the record books.  So, I *tried* to drive the truck and trailer.  Yeah, I can drive a stick shift, as long as you plan on replacing the clutch afterward.  And a trailer?  Ha!  I won’t go into the list of things I have hit in a vehicle without a 20-some-foot appendage.  Thank God it was an open field!  Anyway, AMY.  Her little 5’2 bad self pretty much kept up with Keith and his 15ft wingspan and bulging muscles (I hope you are laughing as much at this paragraph as I am!).  Bucking bales is (or looked like 🙂 ) some really hard work!


I have seen the girl slinging shingles on a roof like a pro.  She can build, cook, grow, paint, you name it.  She has a love for the outdoors and for finding bargains at garage sales!  She is interested in everything.  She is artistic and creative.  She fishes, she hunts.  She gets all dolled up and goes out with her friends.  She is not completely petrified by babies anymore.  She loves to have fun, and can make anything fun!  She is very modest and humble, and easily embarrassed (I can only imagine the look on her face reading this).  She is incredibly giving, especially of her time and her talents.  Remember my allergy to the outdoors?  I cannot tell you how many times she has come to “help” me plant flowers and landscape.  But flowers make me itch, so I generally just keep her company.  She is great company to have!  She makes a point to keep up with her family and friends, and to be involved in their lives in a very real and genuine way.

I like to think that these wonderful traits came from my influence over her at a young age.  I have been told time and again how I was so kind and caring toward all my young cousins.  Wait, that was bossy and mean.  I may have carried her outside in the snow and dumped her barefoot in the middle of the yard.  Or given her a half of an X out of Spaghetti Os when she asked for more (so I have been told.  Don’t remember this, and I don’t think Spaghetti Os have Xs, so I think this may be made up).  All the harassing was good for her.  I made her a survivor!

So anyway, Little Miss Amy did something big last week.  She ran off to Hawaii and GOT MARRIED!  Without telling pretty much anyone beforehand!  She and Kevin have been a lovely couple for maybe 5 years?  She has been harassed to the n-th degree about when she would be tying the knot.  The little turds just ran off and did it!  Thank goodness her mom, my Aunt Shelly, couldn’t keep a secret.  I found out before they made it home!

My first thought was tee-peeing their house.  But they live in town and, while I am sure they would have found it highly amusing, I really wasn’t up for getting arrested.  I kind of drew a blank after that.  Then, the night before their scheduled return it came to me!  I would just sum up everything that they skipped over (and then some) and leave it for them to find.  I enlisted my sister to help, since she and Amy seem to be the ones I always drag into my harebrained schemes.

So, we broke into their house with my kids in tow.  They fit thru windows more easily.  Kidding.  We had a little help on gaining access.  While I worked on sorting things, Lori and Isabelle did a bit of “decorating”.

While we were there, another friend of the newlyweds showed up!  She had heard about their little sneaky trip and she came to surprise them as well!  Great minds.

So, we started with a “Missed the Date” card.  Their fridge is covered in pictures, Save the Date cards and the like.

Then we had an engagement card.  That was followed by a wedding shower card and gift.  Please note, this was gathered and placed in about an 18hr span and I was in bed for a big chunk of that… and had 3 little “helpers” for the rest of it.  There were a lot of things that just may have been laying around at my house…  Shower gift was a set of fine china, silver cutlery, linens and the making of a gourmet meal (aka paper plates, plastic silverware, paper napkins and pb&j) and some Mr. Bubble and dinosaur bath fizzies just because.

That was followed by bachelor and bachelorette gifts.  Kevin’s bag included a beer from my fridge, some plastic shot glasses and some tiny bottles of whiskey I found on top of our fridge.  Plus the largest pair of grandma panties we could find in the ol Wal-Marts.  Amy also got a beer from our fridge, plus a cheesy princess crown, and because I have teased her for YEARS by buying her skimpy underwear to open in front of everyone at Christmas (I was a super sweet older cousin, remember) I had to get the skimpiest, trashiest, tiniest panties we could find!  Lori left great little notes about the parties too.

Next up was the wedding card and gift (all of the cards included notes about “oh, we are so happy so be included, you look so beautiful, etc.  And Amy knows us well enough to know we are just giving her a hard time, that we are elated for them and not at all upset about being excluded.  Completely.  From the most important day of her life.)  Wedding gift was a host of random things, my favorite being the gravy boat we scored from Wally World’s clearance aisle.  A little heads up and we could have had some real fun!

You don’t think we would let them run off all the way to Hawaii and get hitched without telling anyone and leave them with some balloons and streamers and wonderful gifts do you??

There was one last package.  A baby shower gift!!  Because, as the card noted, we are sure they wouldn’t just run off and get married for no reason… and we can’t wait to meet the new addition!

(Dear Amy, good luck getting THAT rumor stopped!)

Lori and the kids and I had a lot of fun setting the gifts up, filling the pantry with balloons… and for the record (Kevin, are you listening??) LORI enjoyed decorating your deer heads, your shower and your truck.  I only encouraged.

Amy, I am so proud of the amazing woman you have become.  Its a far cry from the little girl we used to call Pouty Patty!  I am thrilled that you have found happiness with Kevin.  You guys seem like a perfect pair.  I really can’t wait to meet your babies… even if it is a few years down the road.

Kevin, I am so happy you scored a girl as awesome as Amy 🙂

Love you guys, and wish you many, many decades of happiness!


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  1. Amy
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 18:19:16

    Sara! You really know how to make someone laugh and cry at the same time. I thank you for all the sweet compliments. However, i feel you over exaggerated a quite a bit. All the same could be said for you as well! Except the stuff about the heat and physical work, you were spot on there 🙂 I am so blessed to have such wonderful cousins in my life who love me more than i deserve! I wish everyone were as lucky as i am to have cousins who pick on you, tease you, rough you up, encourage, compliment, and love you like mine do! Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes!


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