You’re not the boss of me!

Have I mentioned my darling daughter loves to challenge me?  After a little blow out between the two of us (meaning I lost my temper and yelled and screamed, she cried and threw a fit and ended up in her room) I went to discuss what had happened with Isabelle, about age 3 at the time.

I lovingly explained to her that it is my job as her mommy to help her learn to do things the right way.  That I was supposed to help her figure out this great big world and how things work.  I explained to Isabelle that I sometimes have to correct her, for her own good.  I reminded her after all of this that I love her and want the very best for her, so I am in charge of her.  Because of that it is her job to listen to me and to do as I say.

Her response:

You are not the boss of me.  God is.  He is the boss of you too.  And God doesn’t like it when you are mean to me.

Really?  I am dealing with this at THREE?  Of course I was floored.  Very annoyed that she would talk back like that, but at the same time a little amused.  I was also very proud that she had such a grasp of God’s rule over our- ALL of our- lives.

Of course, I had to respond.  After I had a moment to gather myself and my thoughts anyway!  I explained to her that yes, God is in charge of me, and her.  Then I had to go through the whole explanation that God gave me the job of being her mom, which meant I was in charge of her and that part of my job was to make sure she grew up to know and understand God’s rules and how He wants us to live.

She seemed to grasp that pretty well, but being my daughter she still had to get in the last word “Yeah, well God still doesn’t like it when you yell at me”

She is probably right on that account.

The other thing that struck me (when reflecting, hindsight and all) about this exchange was how black and white it was for my daughter.  God is in charge of everyone, everything.  That is that.  There was no sometimes, no maybes, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I was reminded, by my three year old, that our God is sovereign.  The Creator and Ruler of all.  No amount of back talk or belligerence on my part changes that.

No matter how huffy and haughty we get…


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