Party you say? No problem!

On Tuesday morning, Valentine’s Day, I awoke to husband and three smiling beautiful children carrying a tray with my favorite breakfast, a dozen gorgeous roses, a card and a beautifully wrapped little package I knew must contain diamonds!

It wasn’t until Henry plopped his still-in-the-overnight-diaper-ed bottom on my head that I realized that was but a dream.  By the time I managed to wiggle out from under Henry the other two little monsters had ascended onto my bed, along with their Daddy.  Isabelle oh-so proudly handed over the card that she and her father had picked out (that she tried to give me two days prior, but I told her it had to wait til Valentine’s Day!).  Eli was grinning from ear to ear telling me Daddy helped him write his own name.  I am not sure if Isabelle or Keith signed for Henry, but whoever it was needs to check the spelling 🙂  While I was trying to read the card, which fittingly ended with a line about kids driving me crazy, I got walloped upside the head with a bag of conversation hearts, which I took to be the rest of my gift.

The kids then informed me that they would get their Valentines at the party we were having with the Bs that night.  (the Bs, if you aren’t in the know, is the collective name for my nephews Bradley, 9 and Brayden, 8)

Um, what?  What party?  Though I tried to convince them there was no party to be had, they were not buying into it.  I, however, was serious.  Unless they considered spaghetti and laundry on a Tuesday night a party, they were going to be let down in a dramatic fashion.  Grandma was planning on doing some crafts with them during the day, so I was hoping that would suffice.  Off to work I went!

I had several things to accomplish Tuesday and busily worked the day away.  It wasn’t until around 4pm that I realized I had managed to fail to even prepare for the spaghetti/laundry Valentine’s Party.  The hamburger was still in the freezer.  So I call Grandma to confirm that she had some pizzas in the freezer.  And found out the kids were decorating for the party.

Dinner was now covered- and would be basically effort free.  Mommy guilt was starting to kick in about the party.  So I decided we would play a game from Isabelle’s preschool party last year… a stacking contest with conversation hearts!  I already had a bag of the big ones and I needed to get rid of them somehow before the kids tried to insist I eat those vile little things.  I started a list for “party” supplies and put a bag of regular conversation hearts at the top.  Letting the little kids use the big ones and the big kids use the little ones would level the playing field a bit.

Then I thought a spin-off of pin the tail on something-or-other would be simple enough.  Kisses instead of tails for Valentine’s Day.  Of course, we wouldn’t want to kiss the *ahem* tail end of some animal (though I can only imagine the giggles it would have caused).  I blew up a picture of Henry instead.  He is the baby, so all the kids like to love on him whereas they just fight with each other.  I printed out some “kisses” to go with it.

Ran from the office to Wal-Mart.  Ok, I drove to Wal-Mart, but pretty much ran once inside.  Gathered a couple of prizes for our games, the hearts and some sprinkles and chocolate syrup for a sundae bar.  Sprinkles can make the lamest of lame parties better, so I got a big tub.

I got home and opened the door to kids bursting out from all sorts of hiding places and screaming as loudly as possible.  None actually said Happy Valentine’s Day or anything of the like that I could tell.  I think they just wanted to yell.  Loudly.  I was shown by each kid the hearts they had themselves decorated on the heart banner hanging from the doorway.  Except Eli’s.  He apparently got mad at his and refused to include them.  We bribed them thru dinner with the “party” to follow.  Much to my surprise, it actually worked!  For the first time in… EVER! all the kids ate a decent meal and there was no fighting!  I may possibly have parties every night if this is the result.

On to the party!  Up first was the kissing game!

Please remember this was a bit impromptu… nicer paper, not taping across the front, a nice little border… lots of things would easily make this much nicer.  I would also consider slathering some red lipstick on the kids to make their own kiss, but I am pretty sure Eli would refuse to wear makeup!

Ta-da!  Yeah, its pretty rough.  *W*  The kids loved it.

Live action shot!

Everyone got their age in spins.  Well, the kids anyway.   Keith cheated so we disqualified him.
Here was how it played out- not too shabby kids!

Then we moved on to the conversation hearts stacking contest!  Tallest pile at 30 seconds wins!!

*note- if your table wobbles, avoid playing with Keith, who just might “accidentally” slam his fist on the table with about 10 seconds to go knocking down everyone’s pile but his own.  He likes everyone to think that I am the competitive one.  Yeah.

Upon realizing that Keith is a big fat cheater, they moved on to just building with the hearts.  Kept them all entertained for about 20min, which is quite an accomplishment in our household.

Well, all except for Henry.  He made the mistake of eating a conversation heart.

My sentiments exactly Henry!

We finished off the night with sundaes…

I have to admit, the party was a far greater success than I anticipated!  The fact that it was thrown together in about 20 minutes and cost maybe $10 made it that much sweeter 🙂

What can I say?  The best way to describe Valentine’s Day 2012…


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