The required mushy Valentine’s Day entry.

So it’s almost 11pm on Valentine’s Day, 2012.

Kids party was a hit- but I will recap that later 🙂

I just finished dinner.  The kids are all tucked into their beds and (finally) sound asleep!  The house is semi-picked up.  Clothes for tomorrow are set out for the kids.  The wagon is cleaned and loaded with goodie bags for legislators for Cookie Day at the Capitol (more to follow- stay tuned!).  A kid is crying…

Ok, back.  (late) Valentines to be delivered tomorrow ready to go, along with baby carrier to be shipped and items to be returned.

Still didn’t RSVP for lunch tomorrow, hand write letters to legislators, return the work emails I planned to, do laundry, put away laundry I did a few days ago… and on and on.  Its ok.  It is Valentine’s Day.  Time to spend some quality time with the man I love!  I am not sure we have managed more than 20 or so words in passing yet today.

I guess I missed my window of opportunity!

Yeah, he doesn’t read this blog.  He probably doesn’t know what a blog IS.  So I can post pictures like this and get away with it.  This is our FOURTEENTH Valentine’s Day together.  He can sleep.

Anyhow, that means I have a minute to reminisce about “our story”…

I do remember our first Valentine’s.  I was a senior in high school and working at Subway that evening.  He came in and brought me roses!  Honestly, that could have been for my birthday.  It is just a few weeks before.  Whatever.  He got me flowers for something.

The story of us as a couple is almost as romantic as that first birthtine’s day.

I met Keith when I was dating one of his friends.  I remember he was working for Jim Stubblefield building “antique” furniture.  Then we crossed paths when I dated another of his friends.  And um, then another…  I had an older cousin that was quite particular about who I dated and took it upon himself to break up with a few guys for me.  He was quite persuasive!

Luckily, by the time I started getting interested in the tall goofy guy, my cousin had a serious girlfriend (who he is now married to!).  Maybe he approved of Keith, maybe he lost interest LOL!  Either way it worked out well for Keith.  And me 🙂  It was just after my junior year of high school.  We spent several nights in a row talking laaaaate into the night, and then I had to go away to cheerleading camp!  Yes, cheerleading.  Whatever.  I had SO much fun at that camp with Janae and Regina.  We may have scarred the younger girls for life, and we somehow managed not to get kicked out.  It was threatened though…  Those poor girls got to hear me blather on about that tall goofy guy the whole time too.

The day after I came back we were hanging out at a friend’s house.  On a commercial break from WWF Sunday night Smackdown or some other equally dumb moniker, Keith asked a question that changed our lives.  He asked if I wanted to date him!  I told him to hold on, Stone Cold Steve Austin was about to take out the Undertaker!  I kid, I kid.  I said sure.  It was summer and I didn’t have any other plans.  (it was WWF then, not WWE for the record.  Also, while I wish I could say that was the last time I ever watched it, I would be lying.  It has been over 10yrs for sure though.)

We got married exactly 4 years later.  With no mention of WWF.  I will keep it in mind as a theme if we ever decide to renew our vows though.

Maybe not all that mushy, but I know I have found the British Bulldog to my Owen Hart, the Ax to my Smash, the Road Dogg to my Billy Gunn, Earthquake to my Typhoon, the Edge to my Christian… (thank you wikipedia.  I would have never [s] admitted to remembering[/s] remembered all of those)  (and those are WWF tag team legends if you aren’t cool enough to know that little tidbit)

14 minutes til our 14th Feb. 14th as a couple is over.  Sounds like a good time to call it a night.


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