Considering renaming my blog…

Pinterest LIVE!  Pinterest in action…

Kidding, but those annoying little pins seem to be taking up all of my time lately.  So I am going to fill you in on a few of the latest adventures…

First off, the one that has been most impressive to me and Isabelle… the ever growing green onions!  Did you know that if you save the bulbs from your green onions and put them in a little water, they will grow- and FAST!

I am not sure who checks them more often, but I know Isabelle asks if I have seen how much they grew at least once a day!

I used green onions in Simple Orzo Pilaf (big hit!  We had never done orzo before.  Easier to scrape off the floor than rice!) last Thursday.  So less than a week ago.  If you look in the picture, you can clearly see where they were cut… and how much they have grown!

That meal also included a wonderful Strawberry Cake (pictured below) that I made the night before, as it is supposed to sit overnight.  Now, if I post about recipes long you will realize that I don’t like being told what to do, so I have a tendency to alter recipes.  You will also find that I am rarely fully prepared, so I improvise.  The icing called for a ton of butter and I just don’t like using that much.  So I improvised and called it a glaze instead.

Lori called it Heaven.  And ate it on toast.  For breakfast I believe.  It was that awesome.

But of course I didn’t write down my concoction, so I hope this is close.  Because this MUST be recreated.

It was about a half a slab of LF cream cheese, softened plus however much plain greek yogurt was left in my tub.  I am guessing a couple of tablespoons full.  I used a bag of frozen strawberries I had let thaw in the fridge for the cake, so I dumped most of the juice into the creamy mixture and mixed it.  Then I mashed and sweetened (maybe a teaspoon of sugar?) the rest of the strawberries.  Use however many you like.  I don’t think it matters!  Mixed those in.  Then enough powdered sugar to thicken into a glaze.

A couple of points to note about this “recipe”- next time I will sift the powdered sugar AND use the mixer rather than doing it by hand.  It was a tiny bit gritty because of the powdered sugar.  But still good enough for Henry to literally like his plate clean.

Now, on to the cookies in the picture!  I was a baking fool last week.  In addition to the cake, there were copious amounts of cookies baked.  Most of them went to a benefit dinner for a community member battling cancer.  Side note: I am SO thankful and SO blessed to live in such a generous and caring community.  That dinner was a HUGE success.

So the cookies.  They were supposed to be Lemon Sugar Cookies but if you read the recipe, you are supposed to have… LEMONS!  Ha, go figure.  I had lemon juice.  So they evolved into Citrus Cookies and got orange zest instead of lemon, and some fresh orange juice instead of lemon concentrate.  They were really good, but I would have liked them to be a bit more citrus-y.  Next time.  If I remember the ingredients.  Which is not all that likely.  I also made some good ‘ol chocolate chip cookies and these fun Cake Batter Cookies!

I am skipping all around chronologically, so bear with me.  These were like a week or two ago.  No clue really.  I saw the cute little picture on Pinterest and went to town!  Little bacon and egg cups!  So cute!!

But I was far less excited about these when I actually had to touch the bacon.

I know that most people swear anything is better with bacon, but I think it is about the most slimy and disgusting stuff ever.  Even more so than ground beef or mayo!  I tried to pawn the bacon touching off on Isabelle, but she seems to be inheriting my disdain for hunks of flesh.  Except steak.  She loves steak.  And fried chicken legs.  Well, and COOKED bacon.  She is in that “bacon makes the world better” cult with the rest of you.

She did “help” though.  As did the boys.

Isabelle and Eli flattened slices of bread and squished them into muffin tins.  Henry played with toxic cleaning supplies.

After all of the bread was squished, in went the eggs.

Keith got the whole eggs, the kids got scrambled.  Well, until much later when I remembered Henry’s egg allergy and then he got a toast cup with bacon and cheese.  Whatever.  He was happy.  That could have been from the cleaning supplies, but who am I to argue?

Anyway, put the muffin pan in the oven with the slimy slabs of fat aka bacon.  I loathe frying, so I let the lovely people at Moser’s deli do that for us.  But they do chicken and not bacon, so our bacon is baked.  Still makes the house stink, but it doesn’t linger as long or splatter grease everywhere.  So when the eggs were semi-set and the bacon was still pliable (I should have cooked it longer than I did though… I would say like 90% done would be best) take both out and put the bacon in the cups.  Cook til it looks done, and hope you don’t give your family salmonella.  Oh, and of course sprinkle some cheese on top.

I probably won’t make these again anytime soon.  1) Mini-food is deceptively cute.  So cute you just have to do it!  But then in the midst of making it you realize it is really stupid to put out 20x (ok, there is a picture.  9x in this case) the effort in comparison to one big whatever you are making.  2)  Bacon.  And touching it TWICE in one meal.  That was the kicker for me.

So let’s move on to something much better!  These are so good, in fact, that this was the second time I made them!

Little Debbie, you better watch your back because I am all over Oatmeal Cream Pies!  These, along with these PB & J Bars have been replacing the snack cakes in Keith’s lunch these past few weeks.  (eh to the bars BTW.  Good enough, but super crumbly so not that great for transporting.)

I really didn’t alter this recipe much.  The cookies where better the first time, but I think that is just because I forgot I was allowing my butter to reach “room temperature” on top of my oven and may have softened it a bit much… the cookies were kinda thin!

Have I mentioned how much BUTTER I have gone thru since joining Pinterest??

That is 8 sticks.  A week I think.  I don’t think I bought 8 sticks of butter last YEAR.

Anyhow, the cookies…

MMmmm.  I love cookie dough!  And this is some GOOOOOD dough.  I did add some wheat germ and milled flax-seed to the dough.  I sneak that kind of stuff in when no one is looking.  And I will deny it.  I put some cocoa powder in the first batch.

Anyway, follow the recipe, blah blah blah.  Henry was hanging out with me in the kitchen last night, and unfortunately for him (?  I guess not really…) I remembered his egg allergy and wouldn’t let him have the beaters.  Poor kid.  That is the BEST part of helping to cook.  He was mad at first, but is also quite easily distracted.

Once the cookies have cooled its time for assembly!  I actually followed the recipe for the filling (this time)!  The first time I couldn’t find fancy schmancy marscapone cheese ANYWHERE in Fulton (Wal-mart) so I subbed a mix of heavy whipping cream, cream cheese and probably something else I don’t remember anymore.  Less work and better taste with marscapone.  Henry agreed.  He got the beaters from the filling.  And was quite happy about it!

Repeat til you run out of cookies or filling.  Put in the fridge til morning.  They are really better that way.  But if you have an odd amount of cookies, you may *have* to eat one.  It wouldn’t be right to waste it!

Finished product:

I am trying to remember whether I have done anything crafty in the last few weeks and I am coming up blank.  I have been gathering supplies for a few things, but kind of like with recipes, I have a hard time getting it all in the same place at the same time… when I have time!  While not directly from Pinterest, I am thinking the next item would not have come to fruition if I had not been spending so much time there lately.

So let me start by saying I am pretty sure Keith, my wonderful and talented husband, has a love hate relationship with Pinterest.  I think he is thoroughly enjoying all of the cooking (minus the sweets.  He hasn’t even tried most of them!).  But I keep getting all of these “big ideas” that require HIM to do things.  Things that he really has no desire to do.  Building custom bunk beds was initially included on that list.

I mentioned it, he scoffed.  I mentioned it again.  He said buy some.  I told him you can’t buy ones that will fit toddler mattresses, which is all that would fit in the kids room along with the crib.  Yes, all 3 kids sleep in one room.  According to Isabelle, rather than it being a privilege to have her own room it is a punishment.  She was the ONLY person in the WHOLE house that had to sleep all ALONE *imagine overly dramatic sobbing five year old girl*.  She had been sleeping on the floor in her brothers’ room for about 6mos and I was more than fed up with tripping over her pillows and blankets on a daily basis.  Plus, we have a small house.  Her room was being used pretty much only for her closet.

So Keith and I started talking about it.  Then he started sketching some plans.  Then Isabelle did too- except hers was a triple bunk of some sort.  Eli gathered his boots and coat to go buy wood.  Henry followed.  They were a little upset when we told them it would have to wait until the following weekend!  Then they asked on a daily basis if it was the following weekend, and time to go buy wood, yet.

Last Saturday Keith and his dad, Papa Ronnie, worked diligently with intermittent help from the monsters.  We added little platforms- about 2′- on the end of each bed for a few reasons.  Isabelle is tall.  She is really only about 6in shorter than the mattress right now.  This gives us a few options.  One, she has a place for her feet to just hang over or two, we can cut down a foam mattress to a longer length because Keith made the platform/mattress ratio adjustable.  This also gives both kids a place to put crap.  Toddler mattresses are the same as crib mattresses.  Not big.  They like sleeping with lots of crap.  This gives them a place to keep it close by.  Third, which really is a bonus use for the platforms since the beds weren’t built to *ahem* MY specifications.  Keith is tall.  His dad is tall.  They made the beds tall.  I…. am not tall.  Quite short actually.  If the bed had been made at the height I was hoping (and obviously did not convey well enough) I would have been able to reach the mattress and change the sheets easily enough from the ground (and the kids wouldn’t be scraping the lovely popcorn off the ceiling or launching toys off of the ceiling fan, but I digress).  As they were made, I can *kinda* reach the edge of the mattress from the floor.  And the kids can huddle in the corner completely out of my reach and laugh at my lack of height.  Like Eli has room to talk.  So THIS is where the platform comes in handy!  It gives Momma plenty of room to get up there and throw the mocking little monsters to the floor.  Ok, not really but I can reach them.  I can also change the sheets from the top bunk.  Don’t worry.  When Keith and his father build things, they seem to be anticipating the Apocalypse and feel that whatever it is they are building MUST survive, if it is the last thing standing on earth.  There is a much greater chance of the bed falling through the floor than the bed collapsing.  We joked at our old house that if a tornado came, we were getting under the deck.  It was going to withstand far more than the house ever could (and there was nothing wrong with the house, the deck was just a bit of an overkill).

Ta-da!  Here it is (before Keith dis-assembled it to fit it in the house…)

While (re)assembling this in the bedroom Keith decided to take down Henry’s crib and put him in what was Eli’s toddler bed.  Bedtime has been oh-so-fun this week with them all in new beds.  We will deal with a finish of some kind on them this spring.  Or, in reality, probably a few years.  They should last us a while though.  When Isabelle outgrows the bunk (or realizes how crazy she was for giving up her room, which is now a play room and the best thing EVER) Eli can move to the top and Henry to the bottom.  And Eli will probably never outgrow it, so when Henry’s shoulders get too wide… we will deal with it then!

The kids are super proud of their new beds and Daddy is their hero for building them, so while he was hesitant at first I think he decided it was worth it in the end.

Now, I am going to either have to blog more frequently or quit making crap.  This is entirely too long.

Til next time!


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  1. Jessy @ Farm Flavor
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 14:26:03

    Love your improvisation for the strawberry cake glaze! Thanks for sharing our recipe – I’m the same way, I almost always have to alter recipes to make them my own. Of course, sometimes that can backfire, but glad yours turned out as well as it did – and I love the idea of using strawberry glaze on toast, yum!

    Those bacon-egg things look pretty tasty too.


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