2012 is a bust.

I am a very goal oriented person, and I love crossing things off my to-do list.

So every December I start thinking about my list for the upcoming year.  Really, for the most part a lot of the goals (I prefer goal to resolution) stay pretty much the same from one year to the next- the ones about faith, finances, family and friends… and of course food!  This year was no exception.

I try to include some things to keep my brain from turning to mommy mush as well.  Reading books, writing, etc.  So for 2012 one of the big things I wanted to accomplish was blogging more.  Not only is it a good exercise for my brain, it is a nice way to chronicle the crazy chaotic life I enjoy.  I even had a few things in mind to blog about!

The calendar flipped over to the new year.  Ahh!  A fresh start.  What better time to pick up where I left off?  Blogging world, here I come!

Then it happened.  This little red circle with a pretty white P crept into my world and has taken it hostage.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, I would urge you to scroll up to the little X box and close this page and never think about it again.  Ever.  If you do know what I am talking about then you already know the love/hate, time sucking, dream invading, crazy cool world of Pinterest!

Silly me had known about it for a long, long time.  But I have plenty on my plate, right?  No need to add something that will consume hours I don’t have to spare.  Hours for things like sleep.  But Christmas was over, New Year’s had come and gone… I bit.  I ASKED for an invite.  My dear friend Cassie was obliging and send it immediately.

I have been a pinning fool since.

So, I decided to enlighten you with some of the pins I have actually TRIED!  To me, that is the impressive- and somewhat redeeming- part of this whole fiasco.  My family has been eatin’ good too!  (for the most part- they have not all been fans of everything I have tried… and my nephew Bradley has been less than impressed with well, ANY of it.  He doesn’t like anything homemade.  He doesn’t understand why I can’t just cook stuff out of a box.  He even skipped out on the AH-MAZING chocolate cake.  Weird kid.  I am pretty sure he is just messing with me at this point though)

First up!  POPTARTS!

Who doesn’t love poptarts??  Warm, sweet, crust, icing, sprinkles… like 5 year shelf life.  It looked easy enough, and the picture gave me a happy drool every time I saw it, so I gave it a shot!

Pinned from here…


They were really pretty easy.  Smelled amazing.  Mine of course weren’t quite as pretty as the picture, but not too bad!

They were awesome.  Especially warm out of the oven!  Or, so I thought.  No one in my family seemed all that impressed.  In fact, the kids asked for “real” poptarts next time.  *W* brats.  You know I won’t buy them.
Now I can’t really remember the order of “projects” beyond that but I am going to link you to the things I have tried and give brief reviews.

This monkey-bread-esque concoction was AWWW-SOME.  Awesome.  You should try this.  Soon.  Very easy.


Pepsi pork chops.  Disclaimer- I don’t eat beef or pork.  At all.  So I can only give reviews from Keith and the kids.  So take them with a grain of salt.  Or a whole shaker.  That said, they said I could make these again.  The meat was super tender and I had to spoon it out of the crockpot.


Mac and cheese.  One pot.  Eh.  Needs some alteration… namely I used a pre shredded mix.  I think it needed a more robust cheese.  And less cooking time on the noodles.  I put bacon on it and my family ate it.  Go figure.


Now this- I think it may have been the biggest (non sweet) hit of the bunch!  Basically a roasted baked potato.  Do this.  PS- I didn’t have any Lowry’s (not sure how that happened!) but I used garlic salt and probably grabbed a few other seasonings.


Now these, oatmeal cream pies, I made these with the intention of putting Little Debbie out of business.  Keith always takes those nasty little snacks in his lunch.  My thought was these HAVE to taste better and will hands down be better for him.  That would have been true if there would have been any to take in his lunch!  They were awesome and didn’t last long!  Note- I added a tiny bit of cocoa powder to the cookie dough.  And be sure to keep the dough cool or the cookies will spread too much and be too thin.  Still GOOD but not for the sandwiches.  Also, marscapone cheese is not available thru my grocer (ahem, Wal-Mart) so you can sub some cream cheese and heavy whipping cream plus powdered sugar.  Just know the filling will taste a little more cream cheese-y.  So adjust accordingly.


This is roasted broccoli.  I love broccoli.  Love.  My kids do too!  (Keith says he likes veggies, but that includes only potatoes, corn and the occasional salty mushy canned green bean)  I love a good roasted broccoli.  Gives it such a deep nice flavor.  So I tried this last night.  The blogger said her husband thought it was better than steak.  My kids thought it was poison.  Far, far too much lemon juice for us LOL.  I will make again, but with a tiny bit of lemon.

This crock pot honey chicken was on the menu last night with the broccoli.  I overcooked it.  I admit it.  It was really tender, but dry.  Don’t repeat my mistake.  The boys loved it though.  Keith and Isabelle tolerated it.


We ate well last night, as this divine chocolate cake was also on the menu!  And Keith and Isabelle made it, so very simple.  Not to say they are clueless, but well… when I was looking for a second 9″ cake pan Keith asked why we couldn’t just use an 18″.  They made it for my birthday tomorrow, though there is none left at this point!  It was probably more stressful for me to watch Keith and Isabelle (and the mess they were making) then it would have been to make it myself, but I truly appreciate the effort.  Especially from the man who has bought the miniature microwavable cakes the last few years!  Most of you probably know this, but because of the picture I will clarify how the frosting should probably be done for best results… make sure butter is at room temp and make sure chocolate is completely melted.  And, please don’t put the mixer in a bowl with all the wet ingredients on the bottom, topped with 4c powdered sugar.  They did a great job and the cake tasted AWESOME.


My kids and I love cornbread.  But it always seems so dry.  So I decided to try this cornbread pudding/casserole/spoon bread.  The boys loved it (if you haven’t picked up on it yet, they are by far the least picky eaters in my house).  Isabelle was weirded out because there was corn in it.  I don’t think Keith even tried it.  It was kinda… goopey.  Even when I kept cooking it.  For…. ever.  Now, I think it is SUPPOSED to be like that.  But it kinda grossed me and my aversion to goopey food out.  I will try it again, with half the greek yogurt (bonus- it is a light recipe)


There are several other things that I made with a combo of recipes I read and just mushed together for my liking, all inspired by Pinterest.

First was tortillas.  From scratch.  Kind of a PITA.  Time consuming mostly.  Simple, but time consuming.  And I didn’t get mine rolled thin enough so they were more like chalupas or gorditas or something.  Not bad though.

Granola.  My kids love granola.  In yogurt, with peanut butter and apples, by itself.  But its like $3 a bag and loaded with sugar.  So I made some.  SO FLIPPIN EASY.  Will be repeating.  Often.

Granola bars.  These still need some work LOL.  I used a maple syrup binder and its way too maple.  We will get there.


I have done some non-food projects too!

I made my own laundry detergent (don’t be so surprised.  I cloth diapered 2/3 kids.  I was a milk cow for each of them for over a year.  I made ALL their baby food- take that Gerber.  The baby was born in my bedroom.  I am part hippy.  Or Keith says Amish.  Hippy, though maybe a little less clean seems a little more fun)

Note: I added a few drops of tea tree oil (trick from those cloth diaper days) but it stinks something awful, so I added a few drops of a linen essential oil.  This seems to be good for my sensitive skin and Henry’s beyond sensitive skin!


I whitened my teeth last night!

I tried my own Biore type stuff.  Eh.  My face was smooth and soft afterward, but not any better than any exfoliator.


Sock bun= um, no.  Didn’t work for me.  My hair hates curl.  Flat iron works better than anything else I have tried.  Watched a tutorial on Youtube for that handy dandy trick.

Sockbun- http://aspottedpony.com/for-moms/how-to-use-a-sock-to-get-beautiful-curly-hair-without-heat/1517/

Love this little twisty thing.  I have done this a couple of times!


I have spray painted all sorts of things, much to the dismay of my husband.  I also have a bunch of bubble wrap for this evening…


And with all of the granola, oatmeal cream pies and granola bars, Isabelle will have a new holder for her headbands soon!


I have had a lot of fun letting the kids help with (most) of these projects.  So I know this year hasn’t been a bust at all!  I just haven’t gotten around to blogging as I had planned.  I will work on that.  I will also try to take more pictures of these projects as we go!  Sorry for all the links this time.

Come, follow me.  I will make you a pinner on Pinterest.

I love seeing the cool things everyone else stumbles across too!  Can’t wait to try more of the awesome ideas!

Til next time!


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  1. Agnes Hatcher
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 03:38:38

    Enjoyed reading. Keep it up. My new year has included learning to use a kindle fire.


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