Parental overkill perhaps?

So, I have put a lot of time and effort into promoting an active and healthy lifestyle with the kids.  We have lots of conversations about foods that help make our bodies healthy and strong and foods that are “sometimes” foods.  We talk about getting exercise to keep our bodies healthy.

I try particularly hard to promote a healthy body image and views of food for Isabelle, by having a healthy body image of myself.  I think all women struggle with this on some level, so it has been very important to me to teach her about health and nutrition.  And for ME to be careful not to talk bad about MY body.

But lately I have been thinking… I may be going a bit overboard…

The last few days Isabelle has been talking about how eating healthy foods and exercising “make you live a longer life”. That is great. I like that. And she told me she wants me to live a longer life ♥

But when I picked her up from moms today she has a bottle of juice. She tells me it has a lot of sugar. But some of it is good sugar because it is from fruit. But it has corn syrup too, so it should probably be a “sometimes” food!

Now, for the record, she asked my mom when she got the juice how much sugar it had. Mom told her (not that she has any understanding of the amt LOL) and Isabelle said that was a lot. But that it was ok, because some sugars are good. Like when you wash an apple and eat it, it is still sweet and that is good. But sugar in candy isn’t really good for you so it’s a sometimes food.

Then I guess for some reason she and mom read the ingredients and discussed them!

I think my 4yo officially knows more about nutrition than most American adults.

Then there is the boy.  He doesn’t really pay attention to much unless it has wheels and an engine, but one day last week I said something that he has not forgotten.  And he is going to just love this story in about 10 years!

He was sitting on the toilet.  He was supposed to be, ahem, attending to business.  But he heard Daddy on the tractor outside and was distracted.  I said, without thinking, “Eli, c’mon.  Squeeze that poop out of your belly already!”

His jaw dropped.  His eyes quadrupled in size.

“There is POOP in my BELLY?!?!”

So I had to explain to him that when we eat our bodies take the good stuff out of the food to make our muscles stronger, then the rest of it turns to poop down in the bottom of our bellies. 

As soon as he finished he raced to the other room to inform his sister.  Then before bed, his Daddy.  Lots of giggles. 

I didn’t hear anymore about it.  A few days passed.  Fast forward to about 1a.m. last night. 

Eli had woken up wanting some milk.  I got him some, and as usual he chugged it until it was gone (we call him our little frat boy.  Any liquid he is given he chugs til its gone).  He looked up at me and grinned. 

“Mommy!  I hear my belly making poop from my food!!”

So, I am sure if you see him around a meal time over the next few weeks you too will get to enjoy hearing about how the digestive system works courtesy of Eli.


I can’t wait to see what the Human Garbage Disposal aka Henry will have to say about all this!




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