Proud Momma Moment

I know I posted about something similar before, but I am so incredibly proud of Eli after last night I just have to share!

Around 3:30am he came into my room.  As usual Keith had fallen asleep in the recliner, so even though he was telling me something I just mumbled to him to climb into bed.  But he kept talking.  So I decided to listen.  It took a minute but I realized he was saying something about juice at Grandma’s house and a bowl.  Then the bathroom… then throw up!

I jumped out of bed to rush him to the bathroom.  But by the time I made it around the bed, Eli informed me he had put his blankie on his belly and it was all better.  So I figured it was a false alarm and told him to climb into bed.  I no more than got settled back in myself and he told me he wanted a bowl.  I decided to indulge him.  If a bowl would make him stop talking and go back to sleep, FINE!

So I stumble into the kitchen and start digging for a bowl in the dark.  I find one and as I begin to make my way back I hear Eli scream “HURRY!” So I run back to the room trying to avoid breaking my neck on the toys that were left out.  I no more than get the bowl under his chin and he starts puking!  He whined a little while doing his business.  He finished, promptly telling me he was done and asking for a washcloth!

After getting him cleaned up we settle back in to bed and he tells me his belly is now fine.  He tossed and turned for an hour or so and sat up and told me he needed his bowl.  Same as the first time, he finished and asked for his washcloth and settled back in to bed.

I have heard many a horror story about kids puking all over their bed- sheets, pillows, blankets- themselves, the carpet and the path to their parents room.  Talk about a nightmare!  I am so SO greatful that Eli is such a great little puker!


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  1. connie
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 18:54:00

    Lord Bless Eli heal him Lord let your child feel your touch and whisper in his ear Oh Lord , how much you love him . In Jesus Name Amen . Love you my little buddy I will keep praying for you and grats on being the best puker in the whole world .


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