Spring is here!

*note- I have seen the weekend forecast and I am ignoring it.*

Most people think of planting flowers and mowing the grass for the first time while venturing outside to enjoy warmer temperatures.  I do too, but in a little different manner!

Spring time makes me take note of the nicely manicured lawns with newly planted flowers.  It also brings to mind the smell of a freshly painted room, just cleaned carpet!  Clutter free homes, with a place for everything and everything in its place… not mine mind you.  Ha!  Like that would ever happen, especially in the spring!

Spring usually brings with it a surge of new homes to the market, sellers ready to move on!  It also brings a wave of winter weary buyers anxious to get out and explore what is available.  It makes for a very exciting time in the real estate world- but also very busy (which in this case is an excellent thing)!!

This time of year also makes me think of the endless trail of mud tracked into the house as Keith and the kids make their way to and from the shop.  The smell of diesel, oil and fertilizer all mixed together also keeps coming to mind, as much as I wish I could forget the combo!  It also means lots of late nights at work for Keith as planting season gets underway and people start breaking stuff! 

So many great things happening in the spring make for a crazy busy couple of months.  I am so thankful we have great family and friends around to help us (and more importantly our kids!) survive.

Enjoy the season!  It will be summer soon.


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