Required PSA

You know, it’s always nice when it is confirmed that you were right all along.  Not that I am gloating or anything 🙂

You have probably seen on the news, on FB, the paper- somewhere, in the last few days that the American Academy of Pediatrics AND the National Institute of Highway Safety have both issued updated child passenger safety recommendations.  FINALLY.

This, for grins, is Keith’s way of making sure Eli’s new front facing seat (at almost 2.5) is safe and secure 🙂

This video summarizes nicely

But it boils down to a few things:

1) Keep babies rear facing as long as possible, til AT LEAST 2. 

They will not be uncomfortable because their legs are too long.  Look at the contortions they sleep in.  Their legs *could* break in a crash (unlikely) but that is still a much easier fix than say, a broken NECK or BACK.

This is one of my favorite videos to illustrate the importance of this issue:

2)  Keep your toddler/preschooler harnessed as long as possible. 

Most newer convertibles or front facing seats have weight limits of at least 50lbs.  (and if your seat doesn’t, check the expiration date it is probably approaching so you need a new seat anyway).  USE THE SEAT TIL THEY REACH THE LIMIT.  Put a child that is too small in a booster and they will not STAY in the booster in an accident.  Put a child that is too immature in a booster and they will not STAY in it period. 

3)  Booster longer.

Yup, I am *thisclose* to needing a booster.  Your kid (possibly teen!) NEEDS to be 4’9″ before getting out of a booster.  Shorter than that and the ADULT seatbelt will not fit them properly, which means it will not function properly.

This link gives you a 5-step test to determine if your big kid is ready to ditch the booster.

You may have never had a carseat growing up.  You may have never buckled up/rode on the dashboard/in the trunk/bounced around all over the car.  Good for you.  I am glad you survived. 

You now know better, so do better. 


*I am a certified Child Passneger Safety Tech and carseat safety is something I take very seriously.  Obviously.


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