Trouble with a capital T…. Isabelle or Mommy?

How could those sweet little angels cause any trouble???

Isabelle got in trouble at school for the first (and second…) time this week. While on one hand I am proud that she made it to March without one bad report, two in one week has not made for a happy household.

It also got me thinking back to when I was a kid… and making me very scared for the years to come!

I wouldn’t say I was a *bad* kid, really more ornery than anything. I still remember the first time I got in trouble. I was in Kindergarten (probably only because I didn’t go to preschool!). Marilyn Cyriac and I somehow managed to ditch class and play in the bathroom. I remember climbing on the toilets and looking over the stalls, then crawling under them (yes, on the nasty bathroom floor). We had M&Ms too. I can’t remember exactly how they fit into the story though.
Anyhow, when we were finally found, we told Mrs. Perry we had diarrhea. Both of us.

I know there was an afterschool detention (or three) in first grade. I liked to talk. In second grade Grandma Pat had to come to the school to remove a piece of tissue I had stuck in my ear. Because I didn’t want to listen to the music teacher…
I don’t remember much trouble in third or fourth grades. But I know I made up for it in fifth grade! I was at a new school and I sure made my mark!
Not only did I spit on a fellow class mate (Rachel do you follow my blog??) I pulled an April Fools day prank on the art teacher that he didn’t find so funny and landed me in all sorts of trouble.
Lets see… sixth grade brought a food fight among other things. Seventh grade there were a few more pranks gone bad. If only people had the same sense of humor, my elementary years would have been much easier. There was also something that scored me the lovely job of cleaning all of the spider houses in Mrs. Fleichmans room.

Eight grade just about got me kicked out of the gifted program for chewing gum (and maybe being a wee bit of a smart mouthed kid…) and in school suspension for trying to show dear little Emily Eastwood some love. In the form of a choke hold. But it was really a friendly chokehold. Mrs. Wickell didn’t agree.

Luckily I was a good student. Because it seems I may have been a bit of a trouble maker!

And yeah, I am not touching high school. Not with a 10ft pole. My kids will be able to read someday. There will be NO documentation of those adventures!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nan
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 20:11:00

    Only thing I can say is I am so glad I don’t have children in school anymore! She will be fine (you and Keith may not) and go on to post stuff about her childhood as well.


  2. Heather
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 03:43:22

    Ummmm, I hate to tell you…but all your children have to do is ask one of your many friends about your high school days, and we’ll be more than happy to oblige them. It always pays to know more dirt on your friends than they have on you. Hehehe! 🙂


  3. stemmefamily
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 15:01:10

    I’m with Heather. It doesn’t help that all of the “kids” that you went to school with, live in the same community, go to the same church and most of us have kids the same age as yours.

    Ooooohhhh!!!! Just had an idea.

    Pact of silence.

    I won’t tell if you won’t. Who else can we get in on that? Obviously Heather is out because she’s already plotting against you.


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