Devil Child.

Eli, who is supposed to be my sweet little Momma’s boy has turned evil.

Well, ornery is probably more accurate but still!

Case in point:

Me: Eli, I love you

E: I Daddy’s boy

Exhibit 2:

(after staying at Nana and Papa’s house)

Me: I missed you Eli!

E: I not miss you.

Me: Sad face

E: Cry Mommy *giggle giggle* Cry!!

Exhibit 3:

(I just popped myself some popcorn, Eli wanted some)

Me: I will trade you popcorn for a hug or kiss!

E: I no hug you. I no kiss you. I steal your popcorn.

(which Daddy proceeded to do making Eli laugh hysterically)

Exhibit 4:

Isabelle threw his favorite bunny behind a chair, where he could not get it… Isabelle sets her toy down and in a split second he grabs it up and throws it with his bunny.

E: HAHA Sissy! Haha! You can’t get your phone. *giggle giggle* HAHA!!

(I have to admit, this one made me giggle too. Sissy is hard on that boy!)

Exhibit 5:

(after sitting on Henry)

E: MO-OOOM! Henry pushin me! Henry kick me. Henry need to go time out.


He is lucky he is cute!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stemmefamily
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 16:44:01

    Haha, he sounds just like Adrianna!


  2. Nan
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 00:44:42

    Well, at least he knows how to work his assets to his advantage. Someday he will want something from you, keep a list of the things he has done. Just kidding, maybe it is that second kid syndrome (wait, I didn’t really say that, I am a second child).


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