And the winner is… picking favorites!

There is an interesting battle brewing in our household right now.  The boys are both giving their all to lay claim to the title of Mommy’s favorite!

*note: I do have a third child.  Let’s just say Isabelle and I have had a rough couple of days.  I think she is now keenly aware that if she is not dressed by 7:15am she WILL be leaving the house in whatever state of undress she is in.  I *might* finish dressing her before I take her out of the van for preschool.  The first time.  Anyway, lucky for her, Mommy is fickle and my favorite kid is always changing. 

Back to the boys!

Henry’s case:  I am at about 4.5yrs of not being able to sleep thru the night because of a kid being up.  Yes, that is YEARS folks.  That girl I mentioned above did not sleep thru the night regularly til she was THREE.  Eli was maybe a year and a half?  By then I was pregnant enough that I couldn’t sleep thru anyhow.  So it has been no surprise to me that little Phat man is up to eat every 2-3hrs all night long every single night. 

But last night…. oh sweet last night!  I put H to bed about 10 and went there shortly after myself.  When I heard him crying in his room I groaned before bothering to look at the clock, but I knew I had to hurry before he woke his brother.  So I rolled over and rubbed my eyes as I was climbing out of bed.  4:19!  NO.FREAKIN.WAY!  I about fell out of bed as I tried to stop my forward motion because I knew there was no way I was reading that right!  I think I may have sat and stared at it for a full minute in disbelief!

Count it up folks.  That is SIX HOURS!  SIX STRAIGHT HOURS of glorious sleep!!

Eli’s case:  Yesterday I scrubbed my bathroom.  The tub, the toilet, the floor, baseboard, counters, mirror… it was sparkling (ok that is an exaggeration, but I cleaned it really well and spent a lot of time doing so).  This morning Eli (who was already off to a good start by sleeping past 6- to 6:45 to be exact!!) stumbled in to the bathroom where I was getting ready.  We took off his night-time diaper and made our way to the toilet, where he told me he needed to poo, so I sat him down.  I went back to getting ready and he chatted up a storm telling me all sorts of crazy stories.  Keith comes in to brush his teeth (yes, one bathroom Lord help us).  About that time Eli coughs a bit.  Kinda gags.  Mumbles “throw uuuuup”

I grab the trashcan and he proceeds to puke.  IN the trash can.  The darling child did not get ONE drop on my clean bathroom.  *swoon* 

(he seemed fine again after that, but I sent a bowl for him to hold in Daddy’s truck just in case.  Lets just say Daddy owes me big time for that!  The kid has miraculous aim for a 2yo that is on his second stomach bug!)

So… what is your vote?  The kid that slept or the kid that saved me from cleaning up puke??

Such a tough call!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy Lee
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 16:18:11

    close…really close…but I have to go with the “amazingly accurate projectile vomiting” kid…for today..


  2. stemmefamily
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 18:30:35

    I’m pretty sure I would go with the I-finally-sleep-through-the-night-kid. Being a parent of a kid that doesn’t like to sleep myself, I feel your pain on this one.


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