Ready for Spring?

We all are, right?  So sick of the cold and the snow.  Can’t wait for warm weather and flip-flops!

Maybe it is because I am getting old (I *did* just turn 30!!), but I am trying to stop wishing my life away.  Seems like no matter what is going on, we are all always looking forward to that next big thing rather than enjoying the moments we are living in, while we are in them. 

Sure, I am sick of snow.  But really, it is quite beautiful driving past the fields of untouched snow.  I am also sick of the cold.  But I know that in 6mos I will have heat that takes my breath away when I walk out the door instead of the cold.  So, I will “enjoy” it while it is here.

We all know life is short.  No need to wish it away for better weather!

Besides, it’s going to be in the SIXTIES next week!!!

(and knowing that made it much easier to be sincere in writing this)

Isabelle, though, does not have a grasp on this concept.  She wants it to warm up because she has an adorable pair of yellow patent leather boat shoes in her closet she REALLY wants to wear!  Love that girl.


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