Snow and sprinkles!

Ahh winter!  The crisp air, the beautiful snow.

Yup, I am over it. 

But yesterday was yet another snow day, so I decided to try to make the best of it.  We had tried playing in the snow on one of the last snow days (probably last week.  or the week before, or the week before that.  How many days til spring??

Anyhow, when we attempted the whole snow playing before it was… not fun.  I spent all morning rounding up gear.  Started getting myself and the big kids dressed, got the baby down for a nap, went back to dressing us all… so about 2hrs into the ordeal we make it out the door.

Isabelle runs out and flops face first into the snow, rolls over and makes an angel.  Eli is still standing on the step.  Isabelle jumps up tries making snowballs.  I manage to pull Eli off the step.  Isabelle runs over to the swingset and barrels down the slide with snow flying in her face!  Eli is crying because snow is flying in his face.  Isabelle makes a pile of snow at the base of the slide to plow into.  Eli falls and cries more.

Three minutes later we are back inside and I have a full load of wet snowy clothes, plus snow tracked all over the house and two crying kids, one because she had to come in, the other because the cold snow hurt his face.

Needless to say, I was not up for a repeat of that.  So, I stole a few ingenious ideas and we started the morning by putting a blanket on the dining room floor.  I filled several bowls and pans with snow, the some hot wheels and spoons and stuff at the kids and folded laundry in peace!  Then I even managed to check my email AND clean the kitchen up while they played!  When they were done, we dumped the snow in the tub and threw the blanket in the dryer.  AWESOME.

I then bribed them.  Clean rooms=snow ice cream!  So we spent a few hours cleaning rooms, had a little lunch then a group nap (my favorite thing in the whole world btw) and it was time for snow ice cream!  Isabelle kept telling me we couldn’t actually EAT the snow.  Eli, however, was game before we added anything to it.  So, each kid got a bowl.  Isabelle made the chocolate and Eli had the vanilla.  I had never made snow ice cream before!  While I don’t think it is exactly gourmet, the kids really enjoyed it.  But that may be because I got out sprinkles.  Sprinkles make everything infinitely better!

And for good measure, a few of the gems I heard throughout the day:

Eli is in timeout.

He is whining about it.

He says all pitiful, “I Eli”

Then- get this!!!!

“Eli cant get in trrrrouble”

Then repeated “I Eli, Eli can’t get in trouble!”


Isabelle has a “fort” and doesnt want her brother to enter- “nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out”.  A few minutes later she said he could come in, but only if he had a golden ticket.

Too much Willy Wonka ya think?

And finally, while wresting with Daddy Isabelle learns a new one “I pity the fool who mess with me”  Yup.  From the mouth of my sweet little 4yo daughter. 

Guess it goes well with Eli’s “I’m mean, you know what I mean!”  (and there is a prize for anyone that can name that character!)

Now, let’s move on to spring.  I am fresh out of ideas (and patience) for another snow day!


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