My Little Tuff Guy

Eli, my middle child, is 110% boy.

While most kids sleep with cuddly bears or baby dolls, he hugs his metal Tonka trucks and his tractors as he drifts off to dreamland.  He wears his mud boots in the middle of summer.  He loves puddles.  Anything messy really.

And he is tough.  Oh so tough.

In December Eli had a stomach bug.  Not fun at any age, but at 2.5 it can be downright scary.  The first “incident” I was lucky enough to be holding him.  Great fun at 3am.  Anyhow, after getting him all cleaned up we moved him to the couch (yes, WE.  Dad gets to help with puke patrol)  I was asking him if he was ok.  He sheepishly replied “des” (we think he might be part Dutch or German- des, deah, doggen…) So then I asked if he wanted me to get him some medicine. 

“No Mommy.  I tuff”

(if he could spell I am sure he would do it tuff)

Notice the puddle on the floor that was my heart.  It melted.

So we trudge thru the sickness.  He was a real trooper, and thank God he had pretty good aim.  He was so puny.  We have been really lucky and other than a couple of random pukings per kids had been spared until this little debacle.

In the middle of the next afternoon Eli rolls off his pallet on the floor and crawls over to his bowl and the vomiting commences.  I go down to him and he stops, looks up at me and I kid you not, says “I tuff” then finishes puking!

We survived the bug and make our way to the holidays.  I went a little insane and made a ridiculous amount of cookies and candy this year.  Eli was in the kitchen helping me at one point.  Actually, he was supposed to be sleeping but he snuck out of his room and I had a big bowl full of melted chocolate I didn’t want to harden so he got a few minutes reprieve.

He slipped on the kitchen floor and knocked his head on the cabinet.  Since it was a few HOURS past bedtime a meltdown ensued.  Sobbing tears, saying hateful things to the floor that made him slip and so on.  Still dealing with my chocolate, I reminded him he is tuff.  He agreed, crisis averted.

While I was finishing up we were talking and I told him that not only was he tuff, but he was also smart and handsome.

His reply “I not smart.  I not handsome.  I tuff.”

Momma is going to stick with all three 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Ciko
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 23:56:53

    I love little E. He may say he’s “Tuff” but I think he’s a little softie with a big ol’ heart. Of course, I love Issabelle and Henry too. Can’t wait to read their blogs. Love, Aunt Sandra


  2. Heather
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 01:13:34

    I love that boy!! He just smiled and smiled at me last night at KFJ…so stinkin’ cute….and tuff!!! By the way, I told Keith, but I LOVE his mohawk hat. Not sure where you found it, but adorable on him!! 🙂


  3. stemmefamily
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 21:16:33

    Oh my gosh! He is such a cutie!


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