Griswolds Florida Vacation

Ok, we didn’t go to Walley World.  And we actually had a wonderful trip!

But we did drive- with 3 children 3 and under- 20hrs.  Well, the DRIVE was only about 14, but add in a baby that still nurses every 3hrs (or less, around the clock), a newly potty trained 2yo and a fidgety 3yo and you get from 14 to 20hrs pretty quick!  (oh and my Mom… but she was really a God send.  She was stuck in the back with the little monsters LOL)

It started out with a minor fender bender before we even got on the road!  Had to make a detour to Columbia for a new tail light, but it wasn’t a big deal and still managed to get going on schedule. 

Stopped in Sikeston for dinner at Lamberts Cafe.  Home of the throwed rolls.  Great place, lots of fun!  The kids loved it!  Eli wouldnt have eaten a bite if my mom hadnt been feeding him- he had his hands up to catch rolls the entire time!

Lets see… a semi threw a rock and chipped my windshield in Memphis.

Mississippi was long and dark.  Yes, we drove straight through.  Hit Alabama around sunrise.  And finally!!!  Panama City Beach around noon!

It was sunny and beautiful!!  We stayed at Splash Resort and it was great!  No complaints at all.  Eli was mesmerized by the big bucket that filled with water and dumped over the waterslides.  And the alligators(elevators)… everytime we got in he would run to the back and exclaim “hold on everybody!!”.  Isabelle loved the bunk beds and slept on the top bunk all by herself every night!

Sunday after naps by all we went down to the water for a bit before dinner.  The kids loved the sand, but the waves were kinda rough- Isabelle wanted nothing to do with it.  E loved letting them crash into him- as long as someone held his hands!

Monday we hit Gulf World.  Small park, but you get really close to the animals.  A nice dolphin show, touch a sting ray, some penguins… the sea lion show was the hands down favorite!   There were parrots playing a keyboard, E touched a python, lots of fun stuff!

Tuesday we drove to St Andrews Park to hang on the beach and go to Shell Island.  But the rough water made them close the beach!  So we went back and played on our beach!  Keith and I ditched the kids and Grandma for dinner and shopping that night.

Wednesday some friends, Cassy and her girls, came to play!  They live in Florida so we dont see them often!  I think my kids were happy to play with someone besides each other for a while LOL! 

Wednesday afternoon my mom and I left the kids with Keith and we hit Panama City Beach Winery!!  Could be its own entry.  AWESOME.  Really interesting and unique fruit wines- key lime, orange, blueberry, mango, grapefruit, passionfruit, etc etc even a chocolate and coffee(and really, the coffee was awesome and I am not even much of a coffee drinker!)!  They were so so good!  A must do in PCB!

That night Keith and I took the big kids mini golfing for the first time.  Hilarious.  They were drippppping with sweat from running from the tee off to the hole and back a million times each hole.  And Isabelle has a new “thing” when she is excited se yells “YES!!” and does a sort of fist pump.  Saw that several times.  Keith actually tried to keep score the first few holes, which I thought was quite comical!

Thursday was Keith’s 32nd birthday!  He and my mom went on a fishing excursion and the kids and I hit the beach, then the splash pad.  The beach was a little rough for 3 on 1!  They didnt catch anything they could keep on the fishing trip, but I guess Keith and some dolphins really had it out over a king mackerel.  The dolphins won!

Thursday evening we met up with my friend Krista with Salty Kisses Photography for a sunset photo shoot!  This was our first family photo in… well, we just had one kid in the last one!  After that it was off to a birthday dinner for Keith.  I think Krista may have slipped our kids something because they were really good all night.  So much so TWO couples complimented us on them and their behavior during dinner! 

After that it was the ferris wheel and rides at Pier Park.  Both big kids rode the ferris wheel!  Isabelle LOVED it- it passed the top bunk for her favorite thing on vacation!  E… he didnt cry, but I think saying he enjoyed it may be a bit of a stretch.  He did try to catch the snake we saw though.

Friday it was time to head home, but we went for one last walk on the beach.  Thank goodness it was cool, or we would have had to stay!  The water was so calm and clear!  There was a sandbar like 20ft out, and it was only knee deep to the sand bar!  Isabelle even decided the water was pretty awesome!  Of course, we all ended up all wet for the ride home LOL.  We made one last stop in PCB for our new family member, Panama (that seems to be the name we are going with…) the hermit crab. 

Went back through Alabama.  Holy cow.  We were in Alabama alllllllll day.  Like breakfast lunch and dinner.  Ok, not breakfast.  It was long.  The whole trip home was long.  The kids were really great though.  Excpet for poor E… he would half wake up and say “ouuuuuuuuuut I want ouuuuutttt!!”  I wasnt sure we’d be able to get them back in the van after that trip.  Good thing it was for candy on Halloween!  HA! 

Anyhow, we got home about 4am Saturday.  Got all the kids back down by 5.  And the boys were up and ready to go about 7:30.  Welcome back to reality!

****It was brought to my attention that I didnt include ANY pictures!  so here is the link to ALL of them, or, a special few below for those too lazy to click the link 😉


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  1. stemmefamily
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 15:40:30

    You’re photog friend is awesome! Great pics of you guys!


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