Friday night- its always a party!

The infamous “they” always say that parenthood changes you.  That it changes your life and everything about it.  That those weekends of staying up until the wee hours of the morning and partying would be a thing of the past…

I guess that just depends on your definition of the word party.

Keith and I watched Book of Eli (decent- btw you have to watch The Goods, Live Hard Sell Hard- hilarious.) Keith, of course, fell asleep.  He always wants to watch a movie and he always falls asleep shortly after the movie starts.  Anyhow, got to bed about 12*.

12:45 H is fussing.  Get him back down.

1:37 Isabelle is sobbing.  Her leg hurts.  I go to her room, rub her leg and talk to her for a while, calm her down.

I head back to bed about 10min later and see something move by the end of the bed.  Scared the crap outta me!  I scream, and in that instant realize it was Eli.  Of course, that scared the crap out of him, he screamed, the tripped and fell and was bawling at the foot of the bed.  All the commotion wakes Keith (who sleeps like the dead) and he comes flailing all arms and legs straight UP out of bed and to the foot of the bed between E and I, yelling and screaming the whole time.  And at 6’3, with very long arms and legs it was quite a sight!

All of this commotion scares the crap out of Isabelle who was almost back asleep in her room, so she is sobbing too.  Took like 5min to get both the kids calmed down!  I get back to bed and Keith says he thought I was carrying H and dropped him.  I told him it was a good thing I didnt because he would have smashed him! Took us a bit longer to settle down and get back to sleep- I couldn’t stop laughing about Keith flailing his way out of bed!

So then about 2:35 E is back up and walking around the house.  He has this lovely habit of getting up and very very quietly walking around the house in the middle of the night.  Keith gets him and puts him on the couch (weird new thing since the bink is gone- about halfway thru the night he goes to sleep on the couch).

2:55 Isabelle is up with her leg hurting again so she gets tylenol.

3:17 H is up and ready to eat.

4:45 E is up. He wants to play race cars. Settles for cartoons.

5:48 H pukes all over me. Not spitup. Like projectile puke all over him, me and our bed.  Get him and I cleaned up, Keith surrenders and goes in with E so H and I move over to his side for another 1/2hr of sleep.  Well, rest.  E was up and on the move.  No sleeping.

So yeah, fun night.

Then up for a day of errands, working a carseat check, WORK, a princess bday party all with Isabelle, and then gathering my boys and my sisters boys since Keith was still at work (at 7pm), feeding the masses, bathing the masses…

Who says when you get old you can’t hang anymore?  I respectfully beg to differ.

*all times are approximate.  In addition to being basically delirious, I wasn’t sporting my contacts so I could only kind of make out the numbers on the clock.  Besides, after getting up about 3x, not only does it not matter, it is just depressing.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mylene
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 15:43:05

    I can just imagine Keith coming out of the bed! AND that depends on your definition of party! Staying up all night has been a reoccuring theme since I had children, never before!
    Thanks for the laugh today.


  2. Heather
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 19:46:21

    OMGosh!!! I think I almost woke the kids up from their naps I was laughing so hard!! Too funny Sara…only because bits and pieces are so familiar!!

    I am so glad I finally got to hear about your Friday night!!


  3. Jim
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 19:51:10

    “Then up for a day of errands, working a carseat check, WORK, a princess bday party all with Isabelle, and then gathering my boys …”

    So why is “WORK” in capital letters? Cause you like your co-workers so much?


    • 0goob0
      Oct 12, 2010 @ 20:01:47

      Ha! It was just because I to perform real work tasks. Stuff that requires brain power. Not just regular Satuday stuff.

      Thinking about it though, I guess the carseat check requires a good bit of coherency too!

      Really though, its because of my awesome co-workers 🙂


  4. Robert Jeffrey
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 22:54:34

    I do not miss those kind of party nights at all! Pretty funny though……I can’t wait to hear your stories of riding with your kids as they learn to drive… least that is still a ways off..I am sure that is where some of my gray hair comes from!


  5. stemmefamily
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 15:08:39

    Ugh. I need a nap just reading this! Thanks for the reminder to take my birth control 😀


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